Here you will find all upcoming events for training to become an innovation coach

Innovation Practitioner | (4 days in total)

The Innovation Practitioner is the first part of the training to become an Innovation Coach. The innovation work with teams will be focused on in this module.

Duration: 4 days (2x2), Investment: 2.400,- EUR + 19% MwSt


07./08.03.2018 (Teil1) 21./22.03.2018 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf - Warteliste/ausgebucht
14./15.06.2018 (Teil1) 26./27.06.2018 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf
12./13.09.2018 (Teil1) 26./27.09.2018 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf
13./14.03.2019 (Teil1) 27./28.03.2019 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf
11./12.09.2019 (Teil1) 25./26.09.2019 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf

Innovation Master | (4 days in total)

The module Innovation Master is focused on the strategic innovation work, Business Model Generation up to innovation culture.

Duration: 4 Tage (2x2), Investment: 2.800,- EUR + 19% MwSt


11./12.04.2018 (Teil1) 25./26.04.2018 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf/Florenz
07./08.11.2018 (Teil1) 21./22.11.2018 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf
10./11.04.2019 (Teil1) 02./03.05.2019 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf/Florenz
06./07.11.2019 (Teil1) 21./22.11.2019 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf

Innovation Facilitator | (4 days in total)

Innovation knowledge is one thing – to spread it efficiently is another one. This module’s aim is to spread innovation knowledge expediently, to treat visualization, gamification and inspiration of teams.

Duration: 4 Tage, Investment: 2.400,- EUR + 19% MwSt


06./07.06.2018 (Teil1) 20./21.06.2018 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf
05./06.06.2019 (Teil1) 26./27.06.2019 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf

verrocchio Notes

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