Innovation Coach

Advanced presentation and visualization methods in creative processes

In order to receive the certificate "Innovation Coach" a total of 4 training stages must be completed:

  • 1. Obtaining the "Innovation Professional" certificate
  • 2. Obtaining the certificate "Innovation Master"
  • 3. Obtaining the certificate "Innovation Facilitator"
  • 4. In-depth practical phase including a practical project work

While the first 3 modules of the Innovation Coach training focus on the transfer of knowledge and tools, the entire Innovation Coach training focuses on the ability to help other people to develop a lively culture of innovation and a professional innovation ability

This requires an intensive examination of concrete innovation topics in practice. For this reason, the participants are accompanied in the practical phase of the training by a concrete innovation project over a period of max. 12 months.

Certification as an Innovation Coach therefore not only has a high quality and range of content, but also a proven sustainability that is unique in the market.

Notice: All modules of the training to become an Innovation Coach can be booked completely or relaxed individually.

The target group

This comprehensive training is particularly suitable for consultants, trainers and coaches who want to put their value-added focus on innovation. Likewise, many employees of companies complete this complete training in order to be able to take over corresponding responsibilities in the area of innovation.

The contents

The main contents of the in-depth practical phase are:

  • Expert support in an own practice project by Benno van Aerssen or Christian Buchholz
  • Additional 2 attendance days with consolidation and project colloquium
  • Additional online Videocoachings
  • Presentation of the project work

In total, the entire training, including all modules, runs over a period of about one year.

The core of this training part of the Innovation Coach certification is a 12-month mentoring program. During this time the participants are accompanied by the two founders of the verrocchio Institute, Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, and work on a concrete practical project. Certification as an Innovation Coach certifies that the participants have not only received the knowledge but have also put it into practice.

Each participant selects an individual practical project in his or her company that fulfils a concrete, relevant innovation goal.

Examples of this can be:

  • Moderation of an innovation project
  • Conception and establishment of an innovation room in the company
  • Development or adaptation of an innovation tool
  • Design and implementation of an internal innovation campaign
  • Design and implementation of innovation seminars
  • and so on

This project must have a concrete benefit for the participant or organisation and at the same time demonstrate the participant's implementation competence.

All certification participants have a personal mentor in Benno van Aerssen or Christian Buchholz for the duration of the practical project, who answers individual questions as a sparring partner.

Monthly online video coaching sessions are held for this purpose. Here each participant has the opportunity to present the current status of his or her project and discuss it with the two mentors and the other participants.

Typically, we group the participants into small groups and agree with the group on the contents for the in-depth workshops. This ensures a close connection to the current challenges of the participants.

In the online video coaching sessions, the participants also come together in smaller groups in order to provide targeted and individual answers to the participants' current questions about the practical project.

All participants receive unlimited FLIP PREMIUM access worth EUR 399 for the period of certification. Should the participant already have this, the already paid time will be extended by the 12 months.

At the end of the 12 months there will be a certificate award ceremony in which all participants will present their practical projects and celebrate their success.

Notice: There is no need to work on the project for 12 months, this is only the maximum project duration for the verrocchio Institute's support!

Time expenditure and costs

Training completely inclusive of all modules regular:   12.000,00 EUR

For complete payment we offer a package price of 10.500,- EUR.

Already performed modules will be credited at 100%.

  • incl. catering during the attendance events
  • Supervision of practical project by personal mentor
  • 12 months Mastermind
  • 1 day individual support on site by mentor
  • incl. FLIP Premium access for 12 months
  • incl. membership in the Innovator Circle
  • Certification

(all prices net plus 19% VAT, plus travel expenses and, if applicable, overnight stay)

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