Innovation Master

If you are willing to influence the innovation culture within your company with focused know-how

For executives and staff members who would like to influence the innovation culture of their company or department sustainably with focused know-how.

The INNOVATION MASTER module is based on the knowledge of the PRACTITIONER and is focused mainly on the subjects of innovation strategy, developing business models, innovation culture and leadership.

Prior participation in the INNOVATION PRACTITIONER is the prerequisite for booking the INNOVATION FACILITATOR, since it is built upon the basics.

The content

Subject focus: developing innovation culture
How do I find innovation leaders and innovators, promote them with free spaces, detect the targets and challenges the solution of which and development of ideas will take the company forward?

  • Which prerequisites does a company need for innovation culture to emerge?
  • Which questions have to be asked, in order to identify the innovators in the teams?
  • What do values have to do with innovation culture?
  • How do you identify the innovators in the team?

Subject focus: achieving changes and increase innovation potential
Creating innovation culture always means a process of change for the staff members.

  • What do the staff members have to talk about, in order to create some efficient innovation culture?
  • How may I implement the change in a structured way?
  • Which measures are suitable for which company?
  • 360 degrees innovation: How do I implement the turbo for innovation processes correctly?

Subject focus: developing business models
Radical, new business ideas, which result from lateral thinking and focus on new demands, can be developed with the Blue Ocean Strategy or the Business Model Canvas.

  • How are Business Model Generations and Blue Ocean Strategy implemented?
  • What are benefit innovations and how may I achieve the dynamic of newly created demands?
  • What are the strategies for disruptively added value?
  • How can existing market limits be suspended?

Subject focus: Early Prototyping and Design Thinking
In the past, there was the rule: “After the development of the idea, it will be evaluated and after that we will start implementing it,“ – particularly when it comes to disruptive innovations or new products in highly agile markets, this has not applied any longer for quite some time.

  • How can the implementation start right with the development of the idea?
  • Why does Early Prototyping not fall into place with Silos?
  • Why do teams, who make plans, lose?
  • What is Design Thinking and where am I able to implement the approach usefully?
  • What does the “immune system” of your company say to this?

Subject focus: Management and communication during innovation processes
The implementation of innovative corporate culture calls for open communication and a new management style, which is suitable to induce change.

  • How does an executive act, who promotes innovation?
  • How do the different management styles influence the innovation ability?
  • Which obstacles do I have to pay attention to during the implementation of innovation management?
  • How do I handle the different types of doubters?
Time requirement and costs

The certifying process to become an Innovation Master is staged in 2 events of 2 days each (4 days in total). The price amounts to 2,800.- EUR incl. catering during the event, all documents, materials and membership in the Innovator Network and the exclusive Master Class.


20./21.04.2020 (Teil1) 07./08.05.2020 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf/Florenz

07./08.10.2020 (Teil1) 27./28.10.2020 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf

14./15.04.2021 (Teil1) 29./30.04.2021 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf/Florenz

10./11.11.2021 (Teil1) 24./25.11.2021 (Teil2) - Düsseldorf

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"In the last few weeks I had two workshops, one of them in Japan, where I was able to apply the knowledge I learned in the Innovation Professional. The workshops worked very well and were really well received. Especially the one in Japan! So thank you very much for the knowledge you passed on and the courage to apply it."
Tobias Schmid – Daimler AG

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