Innovation Practitioner

If you are willing to give impetus for more innovation on the job

During the Innovation Practitioner training, participants will obtain comprehensive basic training for developing ideas successfully and improving corporate innovation culture.

The workshop is particularly suitable for staff members of companies, who would like to give impetus for more innovation on the job and during meetings. Within a company, a certified Innovation Practitioner might e. g. obtain the responsibility for innovation processes in everyday business. Creative input will be decisively increased by training the entire team. The company's innovation power will be increased noticeably.

However, external consultants, trainers and coaches will benefit from conveyed expert know-how as well, they will expand their competence by a popular future subject.

The content of the Innovation Practitioner at a glance


Brain & Co.: New knowledge, stunning insights and much practice
How does creative thinking work? Why do we have thinking blockages frequently? How do I gain new perspectives?

  • Recognize that profitable ideas are not a coincidence
  • Overcome thinking blockages purposefully and gain new perspectives
  • Learn how to implement creativity techniques correctly and purposefully
  • Promote creative thinking in your teams
  • Turn your meetings into a source of ideas for successful business

Lateral thinking: Discover tools and perspectives how to increase your creative potential clearly. Learn how to motivate your teams with creative impetus and to lead them to maximum innovative performances.

  • Discover the possibilities and the potential of lateral thinking
  • Find new ideas by new perspectives
  • Form revolutionary processes and brand-new product concepts with practical creativity methods
  • Recognize the dominant perceptions and patterns in the mindset of your team and develop ways to reach new and future-oriented mindsets

Achieving more innovation with a systematic approach: Learn more about systematic methods, in order to recognize and to develop really good ideas

  • Recognize the right ideas!
  • Introduce systematic methods to recognize and evaluate ideas
  • Learn methods how to deal appropriately with doubters

Concentrating creative power: Concentrating creative power with the newest instrument: innovation digging

  • Get to know the newest method for the systematic development of ideas
  • Increase the probability for continuous and also radical innovations
  • Get some insight in innovation digging directly from the developer of this method, Benno van Aerssen
Time requirement and costs

The certifying process to become an Innovation Practitioner is staged in 2 events of 2 days each (4 days in total). The price amounts to 2,400.- EUR + 19% VAT. incl. catering during the event, all documents, materials and membership in the Innovator Network.


Here you will gain an overview as to all currently scheduled events.

"Mir haben die 4 Tage zum Innovation Practitioner richtig viel gebracht. Ich habe viele neue praxisnahe Innovationsmethoden kennengelernt, von denen ich auch einige bei uns im Unternehmen anwenden werde. Insbesondere das Innovationdigging finde ich klasse und ich werde die Methode in meinem nächsten Kreativworkshop anwenden. Toll fand ich auch die Zusammenstellung der Gruppe, so hat man mal wieder die Chance, neue Leute, Unternehmen und Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Innovationsmethoden kennenzulernen." 

Julia Schulte-Terboven – Fraport AG

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