Nowadays, companies just cannot do without Innovation culture - particularly not yours

The term "innovation" has become a buzzword during the past few years, which can be found on almost every company brochure. However, in many companies, reality looks different than the content of those glossy brochures and there is not much to be seen of consistent innovation culture. On the other hand, new and customer-focused products, processes and services are important competitive benefits for a company.

In many industries, already today, only those companies will be successful which are improving their products and services continuously. However, there is still another reason for the development of innovation culture in a company: The staff members will gain important skills to initiate future changes on their own and to regard them as a chance and not as a burden.

How does the training to become an innovation coach support the development of innovation culture?

Not matter if in-house expert or external consultant - a certified Innovation Coach will know everything about effective creativity techniques, how to overcome innovation blockages and the necessary changes on the way to some innovative corporate culture.

It does not make any difference, whether you are focusing on process and product innovations, efficient communication culture or the development of ideas on the job. The training to become an Innovation Coach will be conducted in 2 modules.
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„Ich bin total begeistert! Genau die richtige Mischung an (Hintergrund-)Informationen, spannenden „Anekdoten“ und praktischen Beispielen, die man benötigt, um erfolgreiches Innovieren in der eigenen Firma umzusetzen. Ich habe so viele Anregungen und Ideen mitgenommen, dass ich richtig darauf brenne sie asap auszuprobieren und anzuwenden.“
Thomas Diehl – Projektleiter Vorentwicklung – Leifheit AG

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