The context

Why is innovation culture a "MUST" in the VUCA world today?

The term "innovation" has become a buzzword during the past few years, which can be found on almost every company brochure. However, in many companies, reality looks different than the content of those glossy brochures and there is not much to be seen of consistent innovation culture. On the other hand, new and customer-focused products, processes and services are important competitive benefits for a company.

In many industries, already today, only those companies will be successful which are improving their products and services continuously. However, there is still another reason for the development of innovation culture in a company: The staff members will gain important skills to initiate future changes on their own and to regard them as a chance and not as a burden.

The Innovation Coach - Future Competence Innovation

Not matter if in-house expert or external consultant - a certified Innovation Coach will know everything about effective creativity techniques, how to overcome innovation blockages and the necessary changes on the way to some innovative corporate culture.

It does not make any difference, whether you are focusing on process and product innovations, efficient communication culture or the development of ideas on the job.

More than a creative trainer.
Creativity techniques are important - but even more important is the change of mindset in the organization. Therefore, the training to become an Innovation Coach does not only focus on finding ideas, but also on conveying know-how and principles for the development of innovation culture.

More than just design thinking.
Design Thinking is a great tool and therefore also an essential part of the Innovation Coach training. However, there are other methods and ways of thinking that are relevant for the development of innovations and therefore an important part of a comprehensive training.

More than just pure know-how.
When participants speak enthusiastically about the training as an Innovation Coach, it is above all the density of practical examples that are repeatedly mentioned. This ensures that the content can really be transferred to your own projects.

Participant comments

„I'm totally thrilled! Just the right mix of (background) information, exciting "anecdotes" and practical examples that you need to implement successful innovation in your own company. I have taken so many suggestions and ideas with me that I am really eager to try out and apply them asap.“
Thomas Diehl – Project manager predevelopment – Leifheit AG

"In the last weeks I had 2 workshops, one of them in Japan, where I could apply the knowledge I learned from the Innovation Practitioner. The workshops worked very well and were really well received. Especially the one in Japan! So thank you very much for the knowledge you passed on and the courage to apply it."
Tobias Schmid - Daimler AG

"The 4 days to become an Innovation Practitioner have really helped me a lot. I got to know many new practical innovation methods, some of which I will also apply in our company.

I particularly like the innovationdigging and will use the method in my next creative workshop. I also liked the composition of the group, so once again you have the chance to meet new people, companies and the possibilities for innovation methods."
Julia Schulte - Terboven - Fraport AG

"The training at verrocchio is from practice for practice. The trainers Benno and Christian are authentic through and through and on a par with the participants, which made me feel very comfortable from the first minute. The exchange with both of them and the participants was very valuable for me and my inspiration to get started right away was and is enormous - nothing has changed in this respect until today. I particularly liked the fact that the two of them not only presented the creative methods, but on the one hand told us from their experience for whom and in which situations which method is suitable and on the other hand let us as participants experience the effect directly. It was exciting until the end!"
Marcus Persing - Haniel AG

„I can warmly recommend the Innovation Practitioner Training! On the one hand, it was important for me to put what I will do in the future on a professional footing. On the other hand, I wanted to get lots of practical suggestions. I particularly liked the fact that a varied and neutral overview of various macro and micro methods was given. I can unreservedly recommend this training to anyone who works in an innovative environment and wants to provide a sound and professional framework for their work.
Rainer Salzberger - EOS GmbH

"I have taken my first step to become an "Innovation Coach by verrocchio", the four-day training as an Innovation Practitioner. I would like to thank the trainers Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz. You have done an excellent job. The contents, the design, the impulses and suggestions were absolutely great. Your extensive documentation is also top. Again, I would like to thank you for making them available to us for our own use with customers. I am already looking forward to the next training module, the "Innovation Master".
Christoph Neu - kut GmbH

"Besides the refreshing nature of the two, Benno and Christian, I found the contents of the training very enriching. They do not see their knowledge and skills as intellectual property. Instead of seeing us participants as potential competitors on the trainer market, the relationship was open and very cooperative. All methods, the tools we developed ourselves and working materials are available to us for our own work in innovation management. Full of new ideas, suggestions and a filled method box, I go back to work. I look forward to it!
Evelyn Lucaßen

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