The Innovator Network

Benefit from an extraordinary network even after the certifying process!
Experience shows that, after the PRACTITIONER workshop, many participants start the implementation motivated and full of creative impetus and that they experience quick success in everyday business soon. However, they also experience challenges how to cope with colleagues, established processes and doubters.

As certified PRACTITIONERS, our participants will become automatically members of the INNOVATOR NETWORK, so that they will not be left alone in everyday business after the workshop. Innovation Masters and Innovation Trainers will be granted access to the MASTER CLASS or respectively the TRAINER CIRCLE and exclusive access to new tools and materials.


The INNOVATOR NETWORK is a meeting point of people who are willing to promote innovations in their personal environment. Here, all certified PRACTITIONERS will discuss challenges in the implementation of innovations together with the MASTER and TRAINER graduates, they will obtain new ideas and tools from the INNOVATION COACH founders and experience motivation impetus for their personal work. Besides the discussion in the online group, there will be an annual event during which the members can talk to each other personally in a pleasant atmosphere.

"Neben der erfrischenden Art der beiden, Benno und Christian, habe ich die Inhalte der Weiterbildung als sehr bereichernd empfunden. Sie sehen ihr Wissen und ihre Kompetenzen nicht als geistiges Eigentum. Anstatt uns Teilnehmer wie potenzielle Mitbewerber auf dem Trainermarkt zu sehen, war das Verhältnis offen und sehr partnerschaftlich. Sämtliche Methoden, die selbstentwickelten Tools sowie Arbeitsmaterialien stehen uns für die eigene Arbeit im Innovationsmanagement zur Verfügung. Voller neuer Ideen, Anregungen und einer gefüllten Methodenkiste gehe ich wieder an die Arbeit. Ich freue mich darauf – und wie!”
Evelyn Lucaßen

verrocchio Notes

Are you willing to make yourself familiar with new innovation methods? Are you wondering what the job of an Innovation Coach looks like? Are you willing to be up-to-date as to the subject of innovation?

We will send you hand-picked innovation know-how in the monthly verrocchio Notes. Free of charge and geared to practice. At first hand from Benno van Aerssen and Christian Buchholz, the founders of verrocchio Institute.

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