It is time for a new era of renaissance

On 15th April, 2016, the two founders Christian Buchholz and Benno van Aerssen will present the "verocchio" Institute for innovation competence on the occasion of the Petersberger Trainer Days.

Renaissance was an era full of ideas. Established things were turned upside down, people were elaborating with innovative freedom new solutions creatively, inspirationally and artistically. "Many exciting discoveries are dating back to this time," explains Christian Buchholz, who founded the "verrocchio" Institute for Innovation Competence together with Benno van Aerssen. Because lateral thinking and creativity are still today a core competence, in order to make progress in business. For this reason, the institute's aim is to enhance the innovation competene of individuals and companies.

The institute is a collecting point for idea development and innovation know-how, which will be enriched here and processed for use in everyday business. "Indeed, we show in our Institute for Innovation Competence how innovations will be successful," van Aerssen points out. In doing so, the students do not have to read thousands of books, but substantial innovation practice will be taught. "With our method, we would like to act far from classical teaching approaches," says Buchholz.

Andrea del Verrocchio inspired the founders to build up the institute. "He was one of the most influential artists in the transition time from early to high renaissance and the teacher of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli or Perugino," explains van Aerssen. Furthermore, the name derives from the Italian "vero occhio" which means "true eye". Summing up, this is the institute's aim in a nutshell: "It is time for a new era of renaissance"

Both founders are professionals in this sphere: the innovation artist van Aerssen has supported companies in their creative idea development process for nine years and, therefore, he safeguards that intellectual one way routes will be left. Buchholz is regarded as a Mindset Creator and is dedicated to the inner attitude of people, which is significantly decisive for the success of an idea. Together, they bring experience from numerous different industries with them.

From 15th - 16th April, 201, van Aerssen and Buchholz will present the verrocchio Institute for Innovation Competence for the first time.

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